Increase Walk-In Traffic

Design and launch coupons & promotions in minutes. Target by customer groups, day-of-week, time-of-day, and more.

How it works?

Acquire Customers

No key chains, apps, or downloads necessary. When customer’s access WiFi they enroll in your loyalty program and stay in constant contact.

Manage Everything

Run emails, coupons, capaigns, and the analytics behind them all in one place.We integrate popular platforms so you never have to skip abeat.

See Who’s Talking
About You

Receive alerts when negative reviews of your business come throughout the world wide web. From Facebook comments to Yelp reviews, we have you covered.

Professional Work

Receive alerts when negative reviews of your business come throughout the world wide web. From Facebook comments to Yelp reviews, we have you covered.

Trusted by over 500 amazing brands

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In today’s world, people want to be connected no matter where they are. the need for Wifi and internet connectivity is vital. Let’s make your business one that connects with the community. We’ve helped many others like you connect with their customers and stay connected with a perfect branded Wifi experience.

Don’t take our word for it – take theirs!

Unlimited FanFi Free 15 Day Trial

FanFi’s job is simple – we want to help you connect your business to people. Transform your WiFi into FanFi’s Social Hub & make marketing as simple as plug and play. Customers will log into your WiFi in with a social network, and viola!  They will instantly receive rewards, coupons, and emails based on their visits. We know relationships start on-premise. Let Fanly help you build them!

  • A full solution loyalty device
  • A platform to stay in touch through social media
  • An expansion into social media marketing
  • A system to intelligently reward customers
  • Completely cloud-based. No download required!

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Select your target market

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Automatic prospecting

Access over 200 million contacts. Fanly will identify your perfect customers. Target specific companies, or use our extensive targeting criteria to get a list of all companies matching your profile. You can also import your own prospects to Fanly.

All decision makers covered

Contact the right decision makers. Search for specific job titles to get their direct email addresses, or base your search on their areas of interest, seniority level or departments.

Self-updating database

Our database is updated continuously thanks to live email verification. Every email you send makes Fanly's more accurate, resulting in high email deliverability (bounce rate below 10%).

Fanly will save you over 4 hours a day on prospect generation.

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Set up your

Personalize your emails

Get detailed prospect information to personalize your emails. Because personalization at Fanly means more than a few custom fields.

Automatic follow-ups

Schedule your follow-ups. We will send them automatically to your prospects. All follow-ups will be scheduled based on your prospects timezone.

Positive response detection

Never miss out on any warm leads. Only positive responses will reach your mailbox, so your lead generation is optimized to improve your efficiency, and your state-of-mind!

Connect multiple email accounts

Connect multiple email accounts to make sure you never exceed your daily sending limits. We will distribute your scheduled emails between your accounts to guarantee high email deliverability.

“Sorry, I am out of office”

It’s OK! All OOO replies will be rescheduled automatically using AI detection.


Optimize your results

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A/B testing

Quickly and easily test different elements of your campaign, like email template variants, sending times etc. Find out what works for you.

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Collaborate and learn

Create team accounts to collaborate on campaigns. View campaign results across your team to identify high performers and share best practices.

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Actionable insights

Get access to detailed reports; monitor your open rates, click-through rates, and positive response rates. We will identify your best performing campaigns and email templates, so you can reuse them later.

Stop prospecting and start closing

How much does Fanly cost?

Dollar – for – dollar, Fanly is one of the best investments you can make in your business.

One Time Job

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Unlimited Plan

Unlimited requests and revisions
24 – 48 hours turn around


Per Month

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social wifi 30 days guarantee

Our Guarantee

No questions asked, 100% money – back for your first 90 days.

If you don’t enjoy our work, we don’t deserve to keep ypur money. you have every right to ask for a full, no questions -asked, on – the – spot, 100% refund, anytime you decided.

Delays will make you money!

No questions asked, 100% money – back for your first 90 days.

You can claim $50 for EVERY single delay that we encounter. we strive to deliver most tasks in 48 hours or less.

( Unless it’s bigger task, like a 50-page presentation, and you agree that the project should take more that that )