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( And that is an understatement ) We guarantee you will get the most bang for your buck or your money back! For every $1 that restaurants spend marketing with our help get $20 back.

We Are Restaurant Digital Marketing Experts
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Build a VIP List
of Loyal Fans

Fanly Digital offers a complete package to collect, manage and launch email + SMS targeted newsletter campaigns sent to your VIP list. Reach your customers on special occasions, birthdays, celebrations and promote your newest specials to your very own broadcast list.

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Foodie Managed
Social Media

We know Social Media and Food. Our own food account @fanlyla has over 30k food lovers! Unlock the true power of your instagram and food content for your restaurant. Gain over 2000 new followers per month on Average. Lets use your food to get customers to your doors! It’s Simple!

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Let us Manage your
Online Reviews.

Reputation can make or break a restaurant. In this world of Yelp Reviews, Facebook Reviews, Google Local Reviews it’s so difficult to manage reviews in all these platforms let alone reply. This is a full time job! Let us manage and control the narrative on ALL platforms with our easy reviews management system.

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yelp partners

Yelp! Ads Services
and Management

Yelp! is the one of the biggest sales generators for restaurants outside of Instagram. Let us help you launch your Restaurant Marketing Yelp Ads and Video Profile. We have helped many restaurants maximize profits on Yelp and pull in more local traffic using Yelp services.

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Restaurants trust us with their marketing.

We have been recognized as Official Yelp Video Partners. We are one of a very few prestigious companies with this recognition. We are also approved to provide you with a very few specialty services that can only be done through partners such as adding videos to your Yelp Profile.

Yelp Ads Partner

Let's Face It. Traditional Marketing For Your Restaurant Has Now Changed.

In today’s world, mobile phones allow people to be connected and search for anything instantly. The era of old coupon clippings is now over. Let Fanly Restaurant Digital Marketing help manage your online presence in the channels that matter the most! Instagram, Google and Yelp! In this fast paced information age, you either need to evolve or you will disappear! Each one of our services is already tried and tested to bring you REAL results. Want to see crazy ROI numbers such as 300-3000%? Schedule an appointment today!

Our services are centered around two of the most powerful marketing principles. One, selling on a visual level using your very own food! Two, maximizing your most loyal customers and activating them to come back a second, third or even fourth time. Our marketing principles are not in essence new, but our tactics are!

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Turn your crappy (low engagement) instagram posts into “Fan Activator” Posts that create the urge to come in and eat at your restaurant!

Using visual elements is the most powerful way your restaurant will attain more Fans!

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Social Media Management

Bring customers back while building a powerful fan network!

restaurant social media marketing
social media management for restaurant

Ongoing Photography and Video Content.

Once we manage your channels and begin to create an impact Fanly will identify the visual content that will grow the page the fastest. Our expert Foodie content creators will have ongoing photo and video sessions to create content that will create buzz and engagement around your food.

We manage all interactions.

Managing Social Media interactions to bring engagement is an ongoing constant job! Let our experts help you manage replying back to customers and creating more engagement around your posts. This usually saves you loads of time!

Creative Campaigns To Create Growth.

We create amazing social activation campaigns, giveaways, and Limited Time Offers to keep your fans engaged and coming in through your doors!

Fanly will save you over 4 hours a day on prospect generation.

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VIP List Database Management

Let's build a large list
of VIP fans for your restaurant.

Customer Database Building and Activation

VIP List Building

We are the first company that helps restaurants build a database of your most loyal fans to send custom tailored emails and text message promotions.

Build your List FAST

Fanly is the very first company to help collect contact info through 3 ways. First we provide you with Table Tents to collect data. Second we add a signup form on your website to collect data. Third we collect data from your customers that sign in to your WiFi

Customized Emails and Text Messages

Let us help you activate your fans and send them ongoing promotions to bring them in the doors. Promote limited time offers, new menu items, news, discounts and anything that will activate them and entice them to visit you.

Send Automated Email Campaigns

Reach out to your customers on their special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. Send out automated emails and text campaigns to your new sign ups and much more!

Professional Campaigns.

Our team of designers will make your restaurant look good. We will design the messaging, graphics and promotions for your restaurant.

Reputation Management For Restaurants

Let us help you control the conversation on Google, Yelp and Facebook.

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Reach out to customers for reviews.

Quickly and easily send customers a request to give you a review in your preferred platforms. Then automatically follow up with them to remind them to leave reviews.

restaurant orm

Get Top Notch Reviews Intelligence.

Reviews are not only a place for quality control of your restaurant. Reviews are essential and the next best thing to word of mouth advertising.

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Let us manage your reviews

Our ORM Packages include responding to reviews on all the top restaurant reviews websites through out the web. We respond on behalf of your restaurant to your good and of course bad reviews. Let us help you control the narrative.

Ready to have the professionals managing your restaurants digital marketing?

How does Fanly Restaurant Marketing Work?

Dollar for Dollar. Fanly Restaurant Marketing Services bring you the biggest ROI

Restaurant Social Media Management

Great Option to have professionals
managing your social channels


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Restaurant Customer List Management

We help you build a VIP List
and send them emails and text campaigns


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If you don’t enjoy our work, we don’t deserve to keep your money. you have every right to ask for a full, no questions -asked, on – the – spot, 100% refund, anytime you decided.

Our Promise

We promise to treat your restaurant as if it was our own.

We promise to treat your business with the most respect possible. We also promise to treat your restaurant as if it was our own so we promise to manage your services with the utmost professionalism we are capable of.